Barry’s Guest Strip Is Up On Modest Medusa Today

On February 3, 2014 · 0 Comments


I’ve got a guest strip on Jake Richmond’s webcomic “Modest Medusa” today; Jake is my housemate, my studiomate, and the colorist of “Hereville.” Bizarrely, considering we share a home and a workplace, it feels like I don’t actually see Jake all that often.

Anyhow, click on the panel to read the whole guest strip. It was lotsa fun to draw.

* * *

Also, my friend Ben Hsu is having a kickstarter for the first book collection of Licensed Heroes, a webcomic Ben writes and Elaine Tipping draws. On the surface a swords-and-monsters adventure set in a generic D&D world, it quickly turns out to be a lighthearted not-very-disguised autobiographical strip about being young and with no money and no idea how to proceed. But, you know, with monsters.

And while I’m linking Kickstarters I’ve supported, fans of Jewish comics should definitely check out The Jewish Comix Anthology, which looks like it’ll be really excellent.

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