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On June 7, 2006 · 2 Comments

Hereville is written and drawn by Barry Deutsch. In the webcomic, the colors are by Barry; in the graphic novel, the colors are by Jake Richmond, although Barry helped. Jake also took the photo of Barry up there.

Twelve facts about Barry Deutsch!

  1. Born in New York, and has lived in New York, Connecticut, Ohio and Massachusetts, before coming to a stop in Portland, Oregon.
  2. Attended Oberlin College, The School of Visual Arts in NYC, and finally Portland State University.
  3. While at SVA, took classes from Will Eisner.
  4. Never attended UMass, but did a daily comic strip in the UMass student newspaper, called “Cast of Thousands.”
  5. Keeps a small herd of pigs in his drawing area.
  6. Draws on a Cintiq, using Photoshop.
  7. Lives in a bright blue house with pink trim, which he shares with six other adults, two small children, three cats and an unknown number of fish.
  8. Is on Twitter.
  9. His favorite TV show is a Canadian comedy called “Slings and Arrows.”
  10. He listens to musicals. A lot. I mean, really a lot. Freakishly a lot. Especially musicals by Stephen Sondheim.
  11. Works in front of five nearly floor-to-ceiling windows. When pedestrians stop to peer at him, he waves happily at them.
  12. Nearly always stands up while drawing “Hereville.”

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2 Responses to “About the Cartoonist”

  1. nobody.really says:

    Dunno how you’d change a black & white drawing to suggest night. Shadows?

    Anyway, the color scheme carries the load quite well, as far as I can tell. Specifically, you make great use of the color white: the nervous glint in Mirka’s eyes as she prepare to leave, the elegant porch light, and the glowing eyes to suggest strong emotion. I especially like Mirka’s look of resolve as she marches off to meet her fate, only to stumble upon the anticlimactic form of her sleeping brother.

    I can’t imagine how you find time to read all the web sites that end up on your Link Farms, research all your topics, spar with Cathy Young et al., serve as part-time (?) dad, cartoon for Dollars & Sense, and occasionally even plan a wedding or two. So I understand if you don’t get back to Mirka right away.

    That said, my 11-yr-old has finished up the Bone series and the latest W.I.T.C.H book, and is looking for new graphics. No pressure or anything….

  2. Jon says:

    Hey — I just stumbled onto Alas, a blog today while googling for a description of noncognitivist. Strange, eh?

    Anyway, I read a few things at the blog and enjoyed your writing style and responses. I then found your political cartoon blog and read through all of the archives. The ‘cringe in fear! for now the right-hand sock puppet is in charge!’ is up on my wall now and will likely stay there for a long time. I like the style tremendously and the messages are all top-notch. My favorites have got to be the IMF, World Bank, & “Free Trade”. There’s something delightful about reading someone bashing these in 2001-2002 and then reading about the increase in socialism and opposition to the US “free trade” that is sweeping through South America.

    I’m more of a lurker than a contributor but I hope to follow Alas, a blog more and am starting to read Hereville.


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