Experimenting with a Hereville T-shirt

On November 11, 2014 · 0 Comments

I’m experimenting with a Hereville T-shirt; I’ve ordered a sample shirt in my size from OOshirts. I chose them because they seemed like a good-quality company and they carry a large range of sizes (I can’t abide companies that only go up to 2x or 3x). Once I’ve received the shirt from them, I’ll post a report on how it came out (and photos!).

Full disclosure: They’re giving me a $50 coupon in exchange for that link. If the sample shirt turns out well, I’ll use the coupon to order shirts for Jake and Adrian. And my mom. 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s the artwork for the front of the shirt:


It’s based on a page in Hereville book 3.

Further updates as events warrant!

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