Hereville fan art by Emma T. Capps!

On October 28, 2011 · Comments Off on Hereville fan art by Emma T. Capps!

Check out this drawing of Mirka by the fabulous, 14 year old Emma T. Capps. Emma does the comic strip Chapel Chronicles; there’s an article about her here.

(Click on the drawing to see it full sized!)

On her tumblr, Emma writes:

Mirka’s a fantastic character and it was so fun to draw her in my style. Also from now on I should just have all my characters dress this way (besides Chapel). LONG SKIRTS AND LONG SLEEVES COVER UP ALL ANATOMY SINS, I tell you!

She’s on to my secret. :-p

She also writes that Hereville “reads kind of like a Miyazaki movie, if Miyazaki was Jewish and had Terry Pratchett’s sense of humor.” I have yet to get into Pratchett (I’m sure I will someday), but I’m a huge Miyazaki fan, so I consider that a very high compliment.

Thanks, Emma!

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