“Hereville” paper edition to premiere at Stumptown Comics Fest

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hereville_in_print.jpgMany of you know this already, but I thought I’d make an “official” announcement that the paper edition of “Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword” will be premiering at Stumptown Comics Fest, this Saturday and Sunday, in Portland, Oregon.

The print edition contains 57 full-color pages of comics, and sells for $12.95. I’ve now seen a copy, and frankly, it looks good — the art and color reproduced very well, and the paper is a decent stock as well.

I’ve attended Stumptown every year since it began — in fact, I helped start it — and it’s an exceptionally good comic book convention, with a strong focus on creators (rather than three bazillion tables of dealers with long boxes). So I highly recommend attending — it should be both cheap and fun.

And if you do go to Stumptown, please stop by my table and say “hi.” (I’ll be the one sitting under a huge banner that says “Hereville”).

And by the way, if you’re not going to be able to make it to Stumptown, you can always buy Hereville directly from my website, in both paper and electronic editions. Plus, I hope to soon have a Wowio edition available — I should have news to post about that sometime in May.

Hereville: The Dead Tree Edition!

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“How Mirka Got Her Sword,” Front Cover

Hereville is available on paper!

But I don’t recommend buying this edition!
In November 2010, you will be able to buy the “Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword” graphic novel in your local bookstore or online! It contains over twice as many pages as the original comic book version, and it costs less to buy.

So although I’ll sell the old comic to you, I don’t recommend that you buy it. (And I’m not going to print any more copies, either.) If I were you, I’d wait until November and buy the graphic novel. More comics for less money is a better deal.

But I want to buy the original version anyway! Then I can have both versions!

Okay, okay. Send me $20 and I’ll send you a copy of “Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword!” on paper. This comic is 57 pages long (not including covers, title page, and stuff like that) and in color. It’s printed on a pretty heavy stock and is about six inches wide and nine inches high.

If I read this, does that mean there’s no point in reading the graphic novel version?

Definitely not! The 2008 comic is 57 pages long. The graphic novel is 129 pages long; most of those pages are brand-new, and about half of the pages that aren’t brand-new are redrawn and recolored. The graphic novel tells the same basic story, but with more characters, more plot, and in my opinion with better artwork.

Can I get you to do a sketch in my copy of the 2008 comic?

If you pay $50 for your copy, I’ll also create an original, one-of-a-kind sketch on the title page for you. You can click here to see examples of what these drawings look like. Choosing this option will add several days to how long it takes me to mail your copy, obviously.

Whether or not you pay for a sketch, I’ll be happy to sign it to whomever you’d like.

How to donate.

You can donate through PayPal by clicking on this link. After you’ve made a donation, this page will tell you what to do to get your thank-you gift.


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