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I’m so far behind on linking to blogs that have reviewed Hereville! But here’s a few more.

Erica Friedman at Okazu reviewed Hereville — which was especially kind of her, because that’s a blog which specializes in manga!

I can’t think of a better book for a young me. 11-year old Mirka would have been a fine companion in my desire for adventure and magic and a chance to use my wit against the odds. If you know a young girl with an open mind, and interest in folk tales and a desire for a sword, Hereville would make a terrific, totally-not-what-they-expected gift.

Stacey, a Brooklyn librarian blogging at Good Books And The Random Movie, writes:

Deutsch has created a graphic novel that explains about Judaism through this beautiful tale of courage and finding ones place in the world. The illustrations are beautiful and the Yiddish words are defined at the bottom of each page. A great read for Jews, fans of graphic novels, fans of strong female protagonists, and anyone who has even wanted to fight dragons.

And the reviewer at the Provo City Library Children’s Book Review writes:

A delightful yarn (you’ll excuse the expression) sprinkled liberally with Yiddish expressions, Jewish folk and religious lore, and memorable, nuanced characters, well-drawn and well-spoken.

Over at Muddy Puddle Musings (interesting name!), Chris writes:

The characters, including a huge talking pig, a witch that lives in a nearby house just discovered, and a knitting troll are wonderful. Fresh, believable, fun, and funny. Adventurous, animated, well-illustrated, clear…a wonderful book!

And Book Aunt (so many book bloggers have really neat blog names!) writes:

Watch for the ways Mirka’s culture is interwoven with the plot. Especially keep an eye out for knitting, not to mention Mirka’s logic, which she apparently learned at her stepmother’s knee. Aside from his obvious creativity, Deutsch’s biggest success is the character of Mirka, who is very real and likable. Now, your average kid may not reach for Hereville, and I do think young readers would benefit from a little intro about Orthodox Judaism before launching into this book, but then they’ll discover a great read.

Thanks to all the bloggers and librarians who have been kind enough to recommend Hereville. I know that Hereville’s kind of a weird book, and if it’s finding an audience it’s only because people (especially librarians!) have been willing to recommend it.

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