Welcome To My Tweendom Reviews Hereville: “Completely different and refreshing”

On November 30, 2010 · Comments Off on Welcome To My Tweendom Reviews Hereville: “Completely different and refreshing”

Welcome To My Tweendom, a book review blog focusing on books for tweens, has posted a very nice review of Hereville! Here’s my favorite bit:

What follows is a wonderful blend of fantasy, quest and a window into the Orthodox Jewish world. Mirka manages to get what she wants without outright rejecting her culture and faith, but finding ways to work them into her desires. There is nothing that Mirka loves more than her family, and her quest to have a proper sword proves to be an awakening of sorts on this very topic. Deutsch’s portrayal of the relationships between siblings as well as those between children and parents are completely realistic, and readers will be able to identify with the characters regardless of their faith or their cultural background.

Completely different and refreshing, Hereville will quickly rise to the top of the recommendations that kids give to other kids.

Thanks to the reviewer, Stacy Dillon!

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